Hello Amigo!

Welcome to my space. Before I tell you about the hidden treasures behind this page, let me introduce myself.


Tejashwini P Hiremath reporting to you as a content writer and storyteller. I proudly present my novel, co-authored and published as ‘The Rathores’

Tejashwini P Hiremath

Have you ever thought, why we behave the way we do? And what makes some as law abiding citizens while some turn criminals? The crime blog, will answer these questions for you. Not just that, there are detailed articles on different aspects of criminal psychology and psychology in general.

Now that was the content writer speaking. Psst. It’s me. The quirky author. I have some short stories and other pieces of work displayed just for you. If you get bored of the serious case studies and definitions in the blog, hop on to this page and immerse yourself in my tales.